Meet G-TAC™, The Most Revolutionary Restraint Device in the World!

The G-TAC™ is designed for Federal/State/Local Police Agencies/Military Police/Private & Corporate Security/Entertainment & Corporate Bodyguards/Bounty Hunters/Bondsmen/Personal Protection Experts/Corporate Executives/Martial Arts Instructors & Students and more.

This new Revolutionary Tactical Restraint Device G-TAC™ is fast(to learn), easy (to use) & (very) effective in Restraint and Control of all individuals regardless of size, strength or mental and substance condition that need to brought to order in all situations. The G-TAC™ can be used to reduce excessive or deadly force and allow total body control through use of the techniques with minimal to maximum force controlled by the user. Pain applied to certain areas of the body if necessary will render the abuser or accused helpless and willing to submit.

The G-TAC™ is like having a back-up partner with you at all times. The 2-3 hour seminar on the use of the G-TAC™ and for Certification with the G-TAC™ will include the review and hands on of the police and military standardized come along techniques, restraints, take downs and submissions before the use of impact weapons are used or needed. The G-TAC™ after being taught properly can eliminate the use of the impact weapons and the person will be in control and custody much quicker and without a physical confrontation that could injure both parties and result in future legal action.

With a few simple techniques you will not have to fight the aggressor nor injure them with the impact weapons as before and keep you safer and out of court for excessive force. Seminar costs depends on travel and time away and number of attendees. Contact Corporate Executive Richard Flynn at (336-848-7440) for more information, ordering or a training seminar.

Demonstrated by
Danny Lane

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